Chinese in Nevada


Chinese in Nevada


Reno & Washoe County
  39.53476, -119.75324

"Enter Research. There had to be a reason why this marker of all the others in Nevada received such immaculate construction. All that's missing is an attached water fountain and park bench for visitor five-star viewing treatment. Whatever the reason we certainly aren't complaining. Onto #189 across the street ..." -- Journal Entry, September 2007

SW corner of B Street and Pyramid Way (SR 445) -- Sparks

Original Date Visited: 9/27/07

Signed: No

Marker History
[29] Chinese in Nevada is certainly an eyegrabber for commuters cruising down B Street in Sparks' Victorian Square. Ever since I conquered it back in 2007, I've always wondered why this one in particular received such special treatment. Hours of web searching eventually uncovered this hidden article from the Las Vegas Review Journal from June 2004.

  • Marker 29 and its impressive gold enlay
  • The original version of Marker 29.  Notice the right column written in Chinese © Las Vegas Review Journal
  • Chinese in Nevada

Exact Description:
This honors the heroism and hardwork of the thousands of Chinese who played a major role in the history of Nevada. From across the Pacific, the Chinese came to California during the Gold Rush of 49 and on to the mountains and desert of this state where they built railroads, cut timber and performed countless humble tasks.

Sizeable Chinese communities grew up here in Virginia City and other towns. Their contribution to the progress of the state in its first century will be forever remembered by all Nevadans..

   Marker Superlative
[29] is the only Nevada historical marker written in two languages!

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